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2016.52 Four Shore Birds Sunset Beach Series 2

Beach Bliss = Sand, Surf and Sky

I walk beaches for miles and hike down ocean cliffs to seek out new spots to explore.  The ever changing waves and coastline moods draw me to them.  It is a constant craving.

Sea Glass has always been a part of that.  I say that I find sea glass, but in truth, it finds me.  That perfect piece of worn, surf-tumbled ocean treasure often rides in on a wave and is placed gently at my feet.

I photograph sea glass as found at the beach and also in my studio.  It is all about the details -- that tiny special spirit that can be found in each piece.  I try to capture that spirit in each photograph I take.

Enjoy my gallery if you are already a sea glass or ocean lover, and if you haven't yet discovered sea glass, I hope that you come to find sea glass as fascinating as many of us do!

I am grateful that this creative soul has found such grace from the sea.

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Ocean and marine mammal conservation and activism are very important to me.  

This organization does amazing work, and I contribute to and volunteer my time here:

The Marine Mammal Center Sausalito

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