Four Shore Birds Sunset Beach Series 2

Northern California Adventures Inspired by the Sea

Endless Sand, Surf and Sky

I walk beaches for miles and hike down ocean cliffs to seek out new spots to explore. I seek out rocky beaches at low tide to search for sea glass and shells.  Often, shore birds in large groups feed along the same beaches on open stretches of shoreline.

In Northern California, many beaches hold the memories of vintage glass and pottery thrown into the ocean as trash.  Now, many years later that trash has been broken, surf-tumbled and changed into something new - glowing, unique and whole again.  Finding sea glass on the beach is a moment of grace.  

My photographs highlight those moments along the ocean's edge, finding an ever changing landscape of sand and sea.  

Enjoy my gallery if beach walks make you happy.  If you haven't yet discovered sea glass, I hope that you come to find sea glass as fascinating as many of us do!

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Ocean and marine mammal conservation and activism are very important to me.  

This organization does amazing work, and I have  contributed to and volunteered my time here:

The Marine Mammal Center Sausalito

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